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for 2024, the Luba 2 mower

Discover the advanced Robotic Mower, Luba 2, designed by Mammotion Technology. With GPS technology, Luba keeps your lawn neat while you focus on other tasks. Say goodbye to gas-powered mowers and save time and energy with Luba.

Why Choose Luba 2

  • Luba is completely Wireless. no wires to lay or break.

  • Map your task area via the phone app with GPS and RTK

  • Control speed, cutting angle and cutting height via the phone app

  • Luba can mow for hours on a singular charge, will automatically recharge and resume if necessary

  • Schedule multiple days and times via the app

  • Assign multiple task areas, choose when you mow

  • Stop buying gas

  • Stop mowing in the hot sun, sit back and watch Luba mow your grass

Why choose Blue Ridge Mowers

  • Based in USA

  • Ship to all lower 48 states

  • Service Center located in USA

  • Access to parts and service via a phone call or email

LUBA 2 models

Meet YUKA, Mower and Sweeper in One

(Coming this summer)

Upgrade your stunning yard with YUKA, the 3D Vision Robot Lawn Mower. Seamlessly integrating a Self-Emptying Sweeper and AI-powered Lawn Printing Technology, YUKA brings a new era of intelligent, perfect, and artistic lawn maintenance to your fingertips.